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Tariff (Price) Council held its next meeting


New prices of medicines approved

The next meeting of the Tariff (Price) Council was held on December 25, 2015.
The prices of 1510 more medicines were identified at the meeting. Furthermore, in connection with the change in exchange rate of manat, the prices of 3540 drugs, regulated by the Council's previous decisions were determined at the meeting (the table is attached). So, wholesale and retail price of 5050 medicine and their effective date was approved, and, the new prices of 3661 drugs are effective from today. The price of other 1389 drugs with the approved prices will come into effect on February 25, 2016.
Thus, the prices on 21 percent of medications, regulated by the state, have reduced by more than twofold compared to their current value, while the prices on 9 percent of medications – by more than threefold despite the exchange rate of manat since early 2015. In general, the prices on 60 percent of medications reduced, while the prices on 40 percent of medications increased by 30 percent taking into account the exchange rate. The medication prices greatly reduced – twofold and threefold and in some cases by 5-10 times before the exchange rate of the manat was changed. Even in case of their reconsideration in accordance with the new exchange rate, the prices are still cheaper than before the state regulation of medications.
The upper limit of tariffs for passenger service by express buses on the route of 28 May metro station - Heydar Aliyev International Airport was approved at 1.30 manats at the meeting. In addition, the Tariff Council fixed the upper limit of one way airline ticket for flight Ganja-Nakhchivan at the level of 49 manat.
The decisions and the list of medicines are available in "Decisions of the Council" and "Medicines" sections of the official website of the Tariff (Price) Council (www.tariff.gov.az).

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