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Tariff (price) Council of

Azerbaijan Republic


Information of the Tariff (Price) Council


Apropos of the information in several mass media concerning the rising of the prices of medicines, we notice that the prices of registered 9850 medicinal products have been approved by the Tariff (price) Council, and 7347 (75%) of them are sold with the approved prices now. Approved prices of other 2503 medicinal products (25%) will come into force from September 1 of the current year.

Since September 1, sale of medicinal products that prices have not been approved will only be possible after the approval of the prices of these medicines.
Any changes in the prices of the medicinal products that the prices entered into force by the Tariff (price) Council, as well as raising of the prices of the medicinal products are impossible without the relevant decision of the Tariff (price) Council.
The Tariff (Price) Council of prices by the Council's decision was approved and entered into force without any change in the prices of medicines, including the prices of medicines is not possible.
Prices of the 9850 medicinal products regulated by the Tariff (Price) Council are available on the official website of the Council (www.tariff.gov.az). (Link: http://tariff.gov.az/documents/DVA.pdf)

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